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User Acceptance Tests

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This is a list of features we need to run before '''each release''' on '''each platform''':
* Android* Windows (installed)* Windows(portable)* OS X* OSXLinux (installed)* Linux(portable)
* Sugar
* ARM for the kiwix-serve (with kiwix-plug)
= Android =
* register for beta here:
= For all =
== Installer ==
* Install
* Uninstall
== Start ==
== Library ==
# At the first start avoid downloading the catalog and check the empty remote library
# Check if the setting "download remote catalog" works
# Download a content
# Pause/restart download of a content
# Load a content from the library
# Remove the content and check that files were removed
# Stop/start Kiwix during download, check if it continues
== Browsing ==
# Open internal link
# Open external link
# Open link in a new tab with double click
# Close tabs
# Show/hide tabs
== Search engine ==
# Index small file
# Index big file
# Search a pattern
# Browse the result page, go through all pages
# Check if the suggestions works
== Server ==
# Start kiwix-serve from the "Tools" menu
# Click on the link
# Browse the contents
# Check the search engine
== Others ==
# Switching skin work during an indexing process
# Switching UI during an indexing process
== See also ==
* [ Kiwix testing mailing list]

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