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Tell us your story
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== Tasks ==
=== Kiwix for Android (Assigned) ===
See [[Android]].
=== Collect informations about our audience Audience KPI (Assigned) ===
As Kiwix grows more in popularity it would be really nice to tell the stories of the organizations that are using it. If we know who's using it then we can ask those people to let us know how we can make it better. It would also allow us to better understand the reach that our offline projects and how fast we are improving us.
Currently with think in the following directions:
* Get more informations about the downloads and develop [[KPIs]]
* <s>Setup a system to allow user to give us a feedback (see [ Tomasz's email])</s> {{done}}
* Improve/simplify bug reporting and feature requesting (being able to leave an email adress without registering, simplier).
* <s>[[Feedback]] system</s> {{done}}
=== New Web site ===
* [[Mediawiki DumpHTML extension improvement]]
=== Kiwix plug (Assigned) ===
See [[Plug solution]].
=== [[ZIM Autobuild]] (assigned) ===
=== [[Deaddrops & Geocaching]] (Assigned) ===
=== Building testing Testing platform ===
We need a solution to test automatically Kiwix. We have currently nothing... so we start from scratch.!
=== Wikipublish ===
Create a publication platform, a Web site online similar to itunes which would provide the list of available contents to download in ZIM, EPUB, .... also offert offer to see the book before downloading it.
* [ Wants to know more...]
* Ambassador program definition
* Map base on Ushahidi to locate them
== See also ==

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