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<languages/>{{titleScreenShot|imgsrc=Kiwix 0.9 alpha1 screenshot en.png|首页}}{{translationslabelsrc=0.9 alpha1 version screenshot ([ screencast])}}Kiwix是一种离线阅读软件,它能在离线的状况下也能获取网上内容,尤其是维基百科。Kiwix是阅读一个高压缩的开放格式及额外的元数据,称为ZIM文件来达到此种功效。所以,无论你到何处,你都能阅读维基百科。'''Kiwix''' is an offline reader for Web content. It's especially intended to make Wikipedia available offline (see [[Special:MyLanguage/features]]). With Kiwix, you can enjoy Wikipedia on a boat, in the middle of nowhere... or in Jail. Kiwix manages to do that by reading ZIM files, a highly compressed open format with additional meta-data.
Kiwix使用Mozilla框架及拥有超过八十种语言。它可以全课文搜索,标签导航,以及可能将文章转换至PDF或超文本标记语言 (HTML)。Kiwix uses the Mozilla framework and is available in more than 80 languages. It has full text search, tabbed navigation and possibility to export articles to PDF and HTML.
Kiwix是一种免费软件 Kiwix is a [ free software] ([ GPL3]),这意味着你自由复制,修改以及推广它。, that means you can freely copy, modify and spread it.{{}}==Downloads==
==下载=Kiwix reader====Kiwix阅读器===首先,下载符合您操作系统的Kiwix阅读器。它是一种免安装及不超过二十二兆字节的软件。您只需要解开它,然后进入下个阶段和下载ZIM文件。
注释:如果您是微软使用者及想要下载从下一个部分ZIM可移植的预先索引,您可以忽略这一步骤。First of all, download Kiwix reader with regards to the operating system you're using. The size is fewer than 22 megabytes and no installations is required. You should only extract it and then go to the next section and download a Zim file.
'''Note:''' You can ignore this step if you are a Windows user and you want to download '''Portable Pre-indexed ZIM''' from the next section.
===Wikipedia files===
===维基百科文件===In order to read the Wikipedia articles offline, download the Zim file relating to the specific Wikipedia you want.为了要离线阅读维基百科文章,您需要下载相关的ZIM文件。为了要查看所有ZIM文件的列表,点击下方表格里的To view the full list of ZIM files, click on "'''→ Full list with all languages...'''"below the table.
您有两种下载选项:There are two kinds of downloads:*''无指数ZIM'Non-indexed ZIM'只包含ZIM文件。您必须索引它才能使用全课文搜索。'' contains only a ZIM file and you may want to [[Special:MyLanguage/ZIM Indexing|index]] it to be able to use the fulltext search.*''可移植ZIM预先指数'Portable pre-indexed ZIM''' contains Kiwix application ''only for Windows or Linux'' with an indexed ZIM file. So you should download the Kiwix reader from the previous section if you're not a Windows user. The ZIM file may be split into several 2 gigabytes parts to be compatible with FAT32 filesystems.'''Note:'''包含Kiwix应用程序仅适用于Windows的索引ZIM文件。如果您不是微软使用者,您就必须从上一节中下载Kiwix阅读器。ZIM文件可能分成数2千兆字节部分方能兼容FAT32文件系统。The pre-indexed ZIM files could be copied in the different computers with Windows/Linux operating systems, Mac users may face some problems.
''注释:'Note:'预先索引ZIM文件可以复制至其他配有微软/Linux操作系统的计算机。苹果操作系统使用者可能面对许些问题。'' There are two options to download for each non-indexed and pre-indexed versions:* '''Direct download''' which downloads the file directly from Wikimedia Foundation servers.* '''Bittorent''' which downloads the file with a torrent software.
{{ZIMdumps|zh}};'''[ Please, send us a feedback about your motivations to download Kiwix!]'''
[ 请,对您的Kiwix下载给我们最珍贵的反馈]!= Compilation ==
==汇编==您自己可以汇编Kiwix。您可以从You can try [[Compile Kiwix|compiling Kiwix]] for yourself. The application source code can be downloaded [ 这里&dArr; here]下载应用程序的源代码。否则,您可以尝试预编译的版本之一。. Otherwise, try one of the pre-compiled versions.
==联系Contact== *[ 报告错误Report a bug]or [ 请求功能request a feature].*电子邮件Email: contact (at)*邮件列表(公共档案):Mailing-list (public archive): **[ kiwix-developer (at) 对于软件开发问题]for software development concerns**[ kiwix-testing (at) 对于软件测试问题]for software testing concerns**[ kiwix-svn (at) 对于要随时了解有关SVN提交]to be kept informed about SVN commits*Jabber: kelson (at)*IRC: #kiwix on [irc:// 加入join]or [ 使用网络接口use web interface{{metadesc|Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! You don't need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!}}

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