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<languages/>{{Kiwix download button|Descàrregues kiwixtranslations}}{{ScreenShot|imgsrcstyle=Kiwix 0.9 alpha1 screenshot en.png"border-spacing: 0px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; width: 100%; margin: 0px;"|labelsrcstyle=Imatge de la versió 0.9 alpha1 ([http"vertical-align: top; width: auto; padding: 0px; font-size://;" |'''Kiwix''' enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! On a boat, in the middle of nowhere or in Jail, Kiwix gives you access to the whole human knowledge.ogv screencast])}}You don't need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!
'''Kiwix''' és un lector de continguts multimèdia especialitzat a disposar la Viquipèdia sense connexió a Internet (veure <span style="float: right;">[[featuresSpecial:MyLanguage/esWikipedia|característiquesDo you want to know more?]])</span>| style="vertical-align: top; width: 300px; padding-left: 1em; padding-right: 1em;" |{{Wikipedia download button|tooltip=Download the whole Wikipedia in English • 18 GB|file=wikipedia_en_all_nopic. Això es duu a terme, mitjançant la lectura del contingut del projecte emmagatzemat zip|image=Wikipedia-logo-v2-en un arxiu de format ZIM, que no és més que el contingut de la wikipedia comprimit. La versió [[Kiwix-serve/espng|title=Download Wikipedia|Kiwix-serve]] funciona com a servidor local HTTPsubtitle=...using Bittorrent}}|}
{{Widget |title=What Kiwix uses the Mozilla framework and is available in more than 80 languages... |logobackground= Bluebg_rounded_croped.png |logo= HSUtvald.svg |px= 38 |content={{ScreenShot|imgsrc=Kiwix 0.9 alpha1 screenshot en.png|labelsrc=Kiwix with a Wikipedia content}}{{Kiwix download button|Download Kiwix}}<div style="margin-right: 320px;">'''Kiwix''' is an offline reader for web content. It has full text search's a software especially intended to make Wikipedia available without internet, tabbed navigation and possibility to export articles to PDF and but it is potentially suitable for all HTMLcontent. Kiwix supports the [ ZIM format], a highly compressed open format with additional meta-data.
Estem en constant creixement i treballem junts per brindar les últimes actualitzacions d'arxius ZIM per Kiwix is a diversos idiomes, si desitges col·laborar pots utilitzar [[The Developer's Guide|aquesta guia]]. Sempre estarem atents per si necessites ajuda i per guiar-te en el procés de creació d'arxius ZIM. Actualment, és possible llegir qualsevol projecte wikimedia, i no solament wikipedia per la qual va anar al principi dissenyat. Kiwix és un projecte [ programari lliure] alliberat baix [ GPL3Free_software free software]. Està conformat principalment per col·laboradors, no posseïm suport financer i no tenim ànime de lucre. Confiem en la comunitat i treballem per passió.{{Identithat means you can freely copy, modify and spread}}==Descàrregues==
===Obtenir kiwix===Kiwix is mostly installed in schools, universities and libraries which can afford a broadband Internet access. Kiwix being a lot faster than the Internet, it's also used by many institutions to save bandwidth and reader's time. But many people use Kiwix for their own private purpose. That's the case, for example, of persons suffering from censorship or prisoners.
First of all, download Kiwix reader with regards is really easy to use. It provides a range of features which make the operating system you're using. The size is fewer usage comfortable:* Full text search engine* Bookmarks & Notes* HTTP server* PDF/HTML export* User interface in more than 22 megabytes 80 languages* Tabs navigation* Integrated content manager and no installations is requireddownloader* [[Special:MyLanguage/Features|More features.. You should only extract it and then go to the next section and download a Zim file.]]
'''Note:''' Kiwix is a pretty small and efficient software. You can ignore this step if you are perfectly use it with small or old computers. It runs on a big range of operating systems and on the three main PC operating systems: Microsoft Windows user , Apple Mac OSX and you want to download '''Portable Pre-indexed ZIM''' from the next sectionGNU/Linux distributions. {{download}}===Fitxers de la Viquipèdia===
In order <span style="float: right; padding-top: 1em; padding-bottom: 1em;">[[Special:MyLanguage/Software|More about how to read the Wikipedia articles offline, download the Zim file relating to the specific Wikipedia you want.To view the full list of ZIM files, click on "'''→ Full list with all languages.install and use Kiwix..'''" below the table.]]</span>
There are two kinds of downloads:
* '''Non-indexed ZIM''' contains only a ZIM file and you may want to [[Special:MyLanguage/ZIM Indexing|index]] it to be able to use the fulltext search.
* '''Portable pre-indexed ZIM''' contains Kiwix application ''only for Windows or Linux'' with an indexed ZIM file. So you should download the Kiwix reader from the previous section if you're not a Windows user. The ZIM file may be split into several 2 gigabytes parts to be compatible with FAT32 filesystems.
'''Note:''' The pre-indexed ZIM files could be copied in the different computers with Windows/Linux operating systems, Mac users may face some problems.
'''Note:''' There are two options to download for each non-indexed and pre-indexed versions:* '''Direct download''' which downloads the file directly from Wikimedia Foundation servers.* '''Bittorent''' which downloads the file with a torrent software.</div>{{ZIMdumps|ca}} ;'''[ Ajuda'ns a millorar, envia'ns la teva opinió sobre les teves raons per descarregar Kiwix!]''' == Compilation == You can try [[Compile Kiwix|compiling Kiwix]] for yourself. The application source code can be downloaded [ &dArr; here]. Otherwise, try one of the pre-compiled versions.  ==Contacte== * [ Informa d'un error] o [ sol·licitar una funció].* Email: contact (a)* Mailing-list (arxiu públic):** [ kiwix-developer (a)] per al desenvolupament de programari** [ kiwix-testing (a)] per a proves de programari** [ kiwix-svn (a)] per mantenir informat sobre transaccions SVN* Jabber: kelson (a)* IRC: #kiwix on [irc:// xat irc] o [ web]
{| style="border-spacing: 0em; width: 100%; margin: 0px;"
| style="vertical-align: top; width:50%; padding: 0 0.5em 0 0;"|
|title=Contact us!
|logobackground= Bluebg_rounded_croped.png
|logo=HS talk.svg
* [ Leave us a feedback or an idea]
* [ Report a bug] or [ request a feature]
* Email: contact (at)
* Jabber: kelson (at)
* IRC: #kiwix on [irc:// join] or [ use the web interface]
| style="vertical-align: top; width:50%; padding: 0 0 0 0.5em;"|
|title=Help us!
|logobackground= Bluebg_rounded_croped.png
|px= 38
|content=* [ Translate the user interface]
* [[Special:UserLogin|Translate the wiki]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Projects]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Testing]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Participate|More things to do...]]
{{metadesc|Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! You don't need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!}}

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