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[[File:Translatewiki_Logo.svg|right|thumb|Kiwix uses [ Translatewiki] to translate its user interface]]
'''Kiwix user interface is translated in more than 80 languages. This page explains how to proceed to improve these translation by adding/updating string translations.'''
The translation of strings does not need any special computer skills. Everybody can help! Translators do this using [], a really powerful online translation platform.
In order to improve Kiwix user interface translation in your native language:
# go on http:to [// FirstSteps],# create an account# choose your mother language,# request follow the wizard and wait a few hours for the translator permissionsauthorisation,# translate [// the strings of Kiwix which still need to be translated]== Developers == Beside the translators part of the work, the Kiwix source code needs to be synchronized with Translatewiki. This needs to modify Kiwix source code and need computer related skill. [[Translation for developers|Do you want to know more]]?
== Wiki ==
We also need people to translate this wiki. You just need to create an account to [[Special:LanguageStats|translate one article or two]]!
== See also ==
Administrators, translate-proofr

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