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* Discuss (and hopefully decide) about tag/name management of zim file (https://github.com/kiwix/kiwix-lib/issues/131 and associated issues)
* Discuss about the server integration (if not done since)
* Discuss about the server integration (if not done since)

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This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix Wikimania 2019 Hackathon.




  • Explain all the build system and its integration in the CI.


  • Discuss about the server integration (if not done since)


  • Look the best tool to analyze activity of all kiwix's Github projects (try to use Cauldron) and deploy a first version to test this - Florent



  • Make a decision about how to test cutting-edge libkiwix against kiwix-android, here and here Kelson (talk)
  • See about the wrapper about the Library/Server of kiwix-lib.


  • Make Kiwix-Hotspot running in RPI0 - Renaud
  • Prepare presentation - Kelson, Renaud



  • Discuss a few possible paths of optimization of the libzim and open tickets: here and here. Kelson (talk)


WP1 Bot

  • Make a Docker image of the update part - Kelson
  • Try to convert Update -> Releases to Python - Travis
    • Didn't quite work, and when I ran the old Perl code it deleted the entire table
    • Possibly something to do with the data sources?
  • Set up travis-ci for the bot's github project - Travis
    • The travis.yml file is already configured and correct
    • I can't seem to add the master repo to Travis-CI, maybe because I'm not a member of the openzim project?
      • It shows as "outside contributor" in github for me.
  • Develop scheduling infrastructure for update part - Travis
  • Convert upload part to Python with tests - Travis
    • Refactor/reorganize project code to maintain logical organization - Travis
  • Develop plan for web app - Travis

Other scrapers

  • Planning of FO requests - Kelson, Renaud, Joe
  • Fixing many problems in zip2zim - Joe
  • Revamping phets scraper - Joe


  • Cleaning of Kiwix wiki - Kelson
  • Managing the logistic of the hackathon - Kelson


To be completed...


The hackathon will take place at Stockholm University as part of Wikimania 2019.


Arrival: Friday 9 August afternoon

Departure: Sunday 18 August.



We will be hosted at The Red Boat in Stockholm (map).

Room are reserved:

  • Abdul + Siddharth: From Thursday 8th to Tuesday 20th
  • Matthieu: From Friday 9th to Friday 16th
  • Emmanuel + Renaud, Isaac + Joe, Florent: From Friday 9th to Sunday 18th

Julian and Travis have external accommodations.


  • Hosting: CHF 6'500.-
  • Transportation: CHF 6'000.-
  • Food: CHF 5'000.-
  • Varia (unplanned, incidentals, goodies) 20%: CHF 2'500.-
CHF 20'000.-

Invitees / Attendees