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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
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There are many ways to help us to develop the Kiwix project. We need volunteers with skills in development, translation, and communications. The following is a list of things in which help would be appreciated:


Kiwix user interface has been translated into more than 100 languages... We still have more work to do!

Using the platform, Kiwix improves its localization on a daily basis. Translators from all over the world translate the Kiwix user interface string by string in their own mother tongue. It's pretty easy and we really need your help: we still need to download Kiwix in new languages, improve the current translations or translate new strings corresponding to new features. For the developers, we also still have strings which are hardcoded in the Kiwix source code. Migrating these hardcoded strings on is a good start to step-in in the project.

We also need people to translate this wiki. Simply create an account to get started!

It's easy to translate Kiwix using


Kiwix has a large community, and we need to take care of it! It's essential for there to be good communication internally and with our users; both should be able to obtain the information and help they need.

There are a few ways to assure/improve the quality of Kiwix support:

  • Answer questions on the forum. You can add the RSS/Atom feed or subscribe to the email notifier to be triggered by new messages.
  • Respond or triage the bugs and feature requests. We have a lot of duplicates and old tickets which need to be taken care of.
  • Respond to emails, both private or public on the mailing-lists. Simply join them.
  • Update the FAQ with the most recurrent questions.
  • Being permanently on Kiwix chat IRC channel to help people.
  • Improve this wiki, in particular the help.
It's important to help users!


People have a lot of ideas and we try to implement the best ones. Supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia national chapters and a few other organizations, Kiwix can set up ambitious projects. We focus on projects which improve Kiwix itself, the communication around it, or things related to the openZIM project. We always run one or two important projects and few smaller ones at the same time. Have a look! You may find an interesting one to join. We also have a few ideas for the future which definitely need new people to be realized. If you have ideas, we would also love to heard about them!

Kiwix is part of the Afripedia project.


Kiwix software development is assured by a really small team of developers. To continue the development of Kiwix, assure a better maintenance of the existing code and increase the robustness, we need new developers.

More developers needed!

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