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This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix winter hackathon 2015. This hackathon has not a special motto but has for purpose to gather the developers who are currently the most involved in the developement of openZIM/Kiwix.


Kiwix-plug for RaspberryPi

Kiwix-plug works already with RasberryPi but this still needs a little bit work to have a public ready industrial solution.

Content/Download manger for Android

Kiwix for Android lacks a content manager allowing to quickly download/load/remove content within the app and without using the web browser

Better library system based on OPDS

The current solution based on a custom format has many flaws (the most important one being that it does not scale correctly). We should adopt a more standard & better format (based on) OPDS.

Kiwix for the Web

Kiwix for the Web development has already been started within the Evopedia project. The hackathon should be the occasion to release a first version.

Integrate geo-coordinates to the ZIM specs & standard library

World is going mobile and Kiwix users more an more have a device with geolocation abilities. User want to be able to search content based on geo-coordinates.

Make KA Lite interoperable with ZIM

Output forecast

Kiwix library online OPDS backend
  • Server-side solution to feed a SQLite library database (probably by extending
  • OPDS service able to read the SQLite database and provide list/search features (to be newly developed in PHP or Python)
OPDS ready library/download manager
  • New Android app release using OPDS backend with a iOS/PC like lirbrary/download manager
Kiwix for the Web
  • Launch a first version of web app
  • Upgrade jszim to fix the few last issues and release a first official release
Kiwix-plug for Raspberry Pi
  • Upgrade current solution to work as good with Raspberry Pi than with Dreamplug (clean and improve current draft of solution)
  • Try to install and benchmark XSCE/Kwiizi/Ideasbox/edupi
  • Release new version of zimlib with geoloc. index support
  • Patch zimwriterfs to generate ZIM files with geoloc. index
  • Upgrade ios/Android app to have a minimal support of this feature
KA Lite
  • Kiwix will be able to have the latest static Khan Academy Video contents exported for any given language that exists in KA Lite.
  • KA Lite will be able to import ZIM contents so content from Kiwix can be turned into a KA Lite channel


  • Speed up Kiwix wiki by cleaning automatically content library history page.
  • Allow kiwix-serve to listen only on a specific interface (works on OSX & Linux) Feature request #935
  • Migrating all Sourceforge git code repository to Github
  • Finish kiwix-plug port for RaspberryPi(2)
  • Create, mentor and merge patches of 5 GCI tasks (mostly for Kiwix for Android)
  • Welcome a new developer with his code to add support of Xapian (fulltext search) in Kiwix for Android.
  • Integrated OpenZIM export as an addon for KA Lite:
  • Wrote documentation for KA Lite OpenZim export:
  • Language-specific export of Khan Academy videos and subtitles to static OpenZim library, mobile friendly.
  • Setup zimfarm server to generate .zim files based on ka-lite-zim project.
  • Evopedia HTML5 repo has been transfered to Kiwix github organisation (html5)
  • Evopedia HTML5 has been rebranded
  • Kiwix HTML5 release 2 has been planned and many bugs have been fixed (but work still needs to be done)
  • First libzim patch has been developed to allow to search by geoloc (still need review)
  • The ZIM standard documentation has been updated
  • Many bugs have been fixed in jszim (ZIM decoder in javascript)


  • The improved versions (better content manager and new "near by" function) are longstanding feature requests. With them we will hopefully get more mobile satisfied users.
  • Javascript is going to be the most portable language and this is therefore important to be able to release a first version of a zim library in this language.
  • The Web is the ultime agnostic plateform. Having a Kiwix for the web allows us to provide a solution to everyone to read ZIM files.
  • RaspberryPi is the most famous cheap computer on the market et would allow us to propose kiwix-plus ~100 USD cheaper than with the Dreamplug. It's important to be able to install kiwix-plug on it.
  • This hackathon is also important on the personal level to be able to meet 3 new Kiwix developers who have done a serious job in the last 12 months.
  • Releasing a new version of Android will automatically make Kiwix appearing in the F-Droid FOSS app store.


5 developers meet during a week to make this steps forward.


Berlin, Germany


3th -> 10th January 2016 (1 week, Sunday to Sunday)


  • Emmanuel
  • Mossroy
  • Rashiq
  • Christian
  • Benjamin


  • Flight Mossroy: ~ 200 CHF
  • Flight Kelson: ~ 200 CHF
  • Accomodation: ~1500
  • Meals & local transportation: ~ 800 CHF
  • Train Christian: 150 CHF
  • Tee-shirts: ~200CHF

=> ~ 3000 CHF