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* means required.

Used by OPDS name Field name Description Example Format Notes

id* Unique version (different for different versions) 550d12b5-4b9c-4841-b92c-b229488c47b8 uuid-4

name* An human readable identifier for the resource. It's the same across versions (should be stable across time). MUST be prefixed by the packager name kiwix.wikipedia_en.nopics source.resource_name.variants

version* The version of the content. It MUST be the date of release 2016-06-18 or 2016-06-18-4 YYYY-MM-DD(-V), V being an optional number that you can add to differentiate between versions published at the same date. This is the date of the release of the packaged content.

title* The title of the resource Wikipedia in English (With pictures) String

description (*?) The description of the resource. The famous encyclopedia, just for you... String

languages* The list of languages the content is written in eng;fra ISO 639-3 separated with semicolons without spaces.

checksum* the checksum of the content
sha256 of the content (32 bytes)

url* An HTTP URL to the file An URL as defined in the protocol (to add) Also see the "alternate_urls" field for alternate urls.

size* The size of the content (in bytes) 42 unsigned integer

mimetype* The mimetype of the file application/zip

intended_use* Describes the type of content this is; so clients can know what to do with it (open kiwix, unzip it somewhere, etc) zim or static-html or kalite String In order to know what this does, you can go to{name}
IIAB, Kiwix thumbnail_urls A dictionary containing images in different sizes {small :, medium : url, big : url} Exact size of the images needs to be defined
Maybe IIAB requires A list of mimetypes that if not supported will prevent this content from being played application/x-shockwave-flash The list contains mimetypes.
BSF, IIAB tags A list of tags School;Videos;Playing;Boats;Fun Strings, separated by semicolon
RACHEL extra_fields An object, containing key/values which are free form

IIAB, BSF content_group A group the content belongs to. Wikipedia or Wiktionary A string
IIAB variants You can only have one variant at a time. {has_pictures : true} Dictionary of variant names and values You want to install one of these in the list, but never both at the same time.
RACHEL, Kiwix alternate_urls List of alternative URLs to use in order to get the content magnet://?xt=urn:...:

Everyone authors A list of authors John Doe, MLK

Everyone publisher Who is responsible of the content itself Wikimedia folks <>

Everyone packager The person(s) responsible for the technical packaging Super Emmanuel <>

Everyone licences A list of existing licences MIT String

Items for discussion:

- Should description be optional or required ?

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