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Deaddrops & Geocaching

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Why downloading huge amounts of data if you can simply get a copy from a USB stick? The idea behind this project is to improve the offline spreading of Kiwix and Wikipedia ZIM files. To achieve that, we would "install" or "drop" USB sticks in different places in the world following the concept of Deaddrops and Geocaching.

If, we are 20 volunteers, I, Kelson, will find the funds for this project and do all the necessary to buy and send the prepared USB keys to the volunteers.


If your are interested to install a new Deaddrop or setup a new Geocaching spot with a Kiwix USB stick, add your name to the list with the following mandatory information:

  • Nickname (give your email address in your preferences so we can write you)
  • Type of setup: Deaddrops or Geocaching
  • Content you need
  • Location: state, city
  • Place where you want to install/cache the key (with a map link)

I will "install" a Deaddrops or Geocaching Kiwix USB stick (and hopefully publish a few pictures of your work):

  1. Kelson - Deaddrops - WPDE - Switzerland, Zürich - place
  2. Ludo - Geocaching- WPFR - Switzerland, Lausanne -
  3. Serein - Deaddrops - WPFR / WKTFR - France, Clichy place
  4. Pleclown - Geocaching- WPFR - Switzerland, Genève/France, Cluny -
  5. Wasaaa - Geocaching- WPFR - France, Rhône-Alpes
  6. Wilfredor Geocaching - WMVE / - Venezuela, Maracaibo
  7. Antonorsi - Geocaching - WMVE / - Venezuela, Caracas
  8. Ark74 - Deaddrops - WPES - Mexico, Poza Rica
  9. Rgaudin - Deaddrops - WPFR / WKTFR - Mali, Bamako - place
  10. Inisheer - Geocaching - WPFR - Geneva, Switzerland.
  11. Yamen - Deaddrops - WPAR/WPFR - Tunis, Tunisia.
  12. Dyolf - Deaddrops - WPAR/WPFR - Tunisia - Nabeul - place
  13. SPQRobin - interested, but I need to find a good place (WPNL - Ghent, Belgium)
  14. Wanjau - Deaddrops - Wikipedia for Schools distributed by SOS,Text-only version of en Wikipedia beginning as of 2012, swahili wikipedia zim file-Nairobi,Kenya (Still to find a place, will communicate soon)
  15. CristianCantoro - Deaddrops - interested but I need to take a look to a couple of places.