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Why is Kiwix not available for PPC Macs?
We do not have a PPC architectured Mac and this architecture is outdated.
Is there a version for Windows?
Yes, cf. the green download button on the left.
Where can I find new content?
Kiwix uses the ZIM format. We release our own ZIM files on the Welcome page. You can also use the Book creator on Wikipedia to generate your own ZIM files.
Is it possible to update a ZIM file?
It is not possible to update a ZIM file itself, but you may download a new ZIM file with updated versions of the contents.
How can I build by myself a ZIM file?
To export articles from Wikipedia please go to this page. For any other use case, this is unfortunately still too complicated. Please read this page for more technical informations.
How may I optimize the search engine index?
Just run the script "./kiwix-compact" (or run the "kiwix-compact" command if installed from Ubuntu-PPA) and it will do the job automatically for you (should reduce disk use by almost 50%)
How to install a pre-indexed ZIM file on Mac OSX?
Move or copy the "data" directory in "/Applications/Kiwix.app/Contents/". You will probably need to go to the Kiwix "library" to load the ZIM content.
Is there a user forum where kiwix users can exchange experiences and help each other?
Yes, it is located at https://sourceforge.net/p/kiwix/discussion/?source=navbar
More questions ?
Have a look to the forum.