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Tell us your story
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Google Code-in

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On a boat, in the middle of nowhere or in Jail, Kiwix gives you access to the whole human knowledge, offline, on your mobile device!

Kiwix is a Wikipedia offline reader which runs on Windows, GNU/Linux, OSX, iOS and Android. The Google Code-in tasks are related to the Android app, they require knowledge of the Java programming language.

For most tasks simply downloading and installing Android Studio is sufficient to start developing. You can then use either a real or virtual device to test your changes.

Once you are ready to begin:

  1. Fork our GitHub repository
  2. Commit and push your changes to your fork
  3. Create a pull request so we can review your changes
  4. Submit the task on the GCI site and wait for your changes to be reviewed
  5. If everything is good then we will merge your changes and complete the task otherwise we will provide you with feedback so that you can make changes and resubmit

More advanced tasks may first require you to prepare our full build environment. The easiest way to do this is with a Virtual Machine.

  1. Download the KiwixDev virtual machine (KiwixDev torrent)
  2. Import it on your preferred virtual machine (for example VirtualBox
  3. Launch the virtual machine
  4. Follow the android compilation instructions here: