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Hackathon Spring 2017

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This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix Spring Hackathon 2017.


  • Setup the Android automated testing up and make a proof of concept
  • Fix Gutenberg scrapper and generate new ZIM files
  • Create a fully autmoatized solution for Stackexchange projects ZIM files
  • Launch the first pure HTML ZIM read browser extension
  • Launch CI for Kiwix repos
  • Implement Wikimed Feedback solution
  • Implement Wikihow scrapper (non-parsoid Mediawiki scraper)
  • Fix fulltext search/indexes problems
  • Use node-libzim instead of zimwriterfs in mwoffliner




~ 8 developers meet during a week to make this steps forward.


The hackathon will take place in Lyon, France


  • April 2th afternoon: arrivals (suggested arrival time 5PM)
  • June 3th -> 9th: Kiwix hackathon
  • June 9th afternoon: departures (suggested arrival time 3PM)


  • Boris
  • Emmanuel
  • Elad
  • Isaac
  • Matthieu
  • Joe
  • Julian
  • Rashiq
  • Renaud


~4.000 CHF/USD