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Hackathon Winter 2015

From Kiwix
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This is a draft. Work in progress.

This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix winter hackathon 2015. This hackathon as not a special motto but has for purpose to gather the developers who are currently the most involved in the developement of openZIM/Kiwix.


Kiwix-pluh for RaspberryPi

Kiwix-plug works already with RasberryPi but this still needs a little bit work to have a public ready solution. At this occasion a few things will also be done on kiwix-serve.

Better library system base on OCSP

The current solution based on a custom format as many flaws. We should adopt a more standard & better format based on OPDS.

Kiwix for Firefox OS

Kiwix for Firefox OS development has already been started within the Evopedia project. The hackathon should be the occasion to release a first version.

Integrate geo-coordinates to the ZIM specs & standard library

World is going mobile and Kiwix users more an more have a device with geo-localisation abilities. User wants to be able to search content based on geo-coordinates.

Output forecast







Around 5 developers meet during a week to make this step.


Lyon, France OR Berlin, Germany


4th -> 11th January 2016


  • Emmanuel
  • Christian
  • Chris
  • Mossroy
  • Renaud
  • Rashiq


Around CHF 4.000.