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Welcome to Kiwix!
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What is Kiwix?
Kiwix allows you to enjoy web content offline (without any access to internet). It's a software that was originally intended to make Wikipedia available offline, but it is potentially suitable for all HTML content.
Kiwix is a Free Software licensed under the GPL3 which means you can freely distribute and share it with other people.

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Here are answers to some common questions about Kiwix:

  • Why is Kiwix not available for PPC Macs?
  • Where can I find new content?
  • Is it possible to update a ZIM file?
  • How can I build a ZIM file by myself?
  • And more questions ...

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What is Library?
The Library is a place that you can organize your .ZIM files and see file details. You can load a specific .ZIM file or remove it from your library. You can also search for newly available .ZIM files and then download them in one click.
You will need the Library if you want to switch between your installed .ZIM file files. For instance, if you are using the English Wikipedia ZIM content and want to read an article of French Wikipedia, you should load the latter ZIM file from your Library.

→ Click here to see more information about the Library.


User guide
Kiwix is a user-friendly software. It works like the ordinary web-browsers and has similar functions.
You can navigate in pages, change the appearance of the program, save or print pages, copy-paste pages, or search for specific phrases in the text of a page. There are also many other functions.

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