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kiwix-manage is a console tool which allows building library files for Kiwix. A library file is an XML flat file listing ZIM files with all the necessary information (like favicon, date, creator, description, indexpath, filepath, title, source/metalink, ...).

kiwix-manage generated files are thought for two usages:

  • Local library file for kiwix-serve
  • Remote/portable library file for the Kiwix software, providing a list of downloadable content (example).

By the way, an intern library file is also managed and build directly by Kiwix, following the user behaviour (adding, removing new content)... and the format is exactly the same.

Technical details

kiwix-manage is based on a kiwix::Manager class coded in C++ and using a simple/fast/protable XML/DOM XML library (pugixml). To extract content from the ZIM file, it will use the zimlib code.


	kiwix-manage LIBRARY_PATH add ZIM_PATH [--zimPathToSave|-z=the_string_you_want_to_see_in_the_library] [--indexPath|-i=FULLTEXT_IDX_PATH] [url|u=http://...metalink]
	kiwix-manage LIBRARY_PATH show [CONTENTID1] [CONTENTID2] ... (show everything if no param.)

ZIM_PATH is the path, including the filename of the ZIM file. LIBRARY_PATH is the path, including the filename of the library XML file to create or modify. Typically it is called library_zim.xml


kiwix-manage /var/www/html/library_zim.xml add /var/www/html/zim/test.zim

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