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'''Kiwix for Microsoft Windows''' is available in two formats:
* A [http portable version] you can directly use after unzipping the file. This version may also be installedIt is a 64-bit application and supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later.* A For Windows 10 devices (PC, tablet, mobile), [httphttps://downloadwww.kiwixmicrosoft.orgcom/store/binapps/kiwix-installer.exe self-extracting installer9P8SLZ4J979J Kiwix JS] you need to install before being able to use itis a UWP app available from the Microsoft Store. Kiwix for Microsoft Windows is a 32-bit application and JS supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later 10 on any device: x64, x86 and also is compatible with 64-bit operating systemsARM. ZIM archives can be downloaded in the app.
== Apple Mac OSX OS X ==
'''Kiwix for Apple Mac OSXOS X''' is provided as DMG file. You simply need to download it, mount the DMG image and copy/install Kiwix to the Applications folder. So far, there is no portable (directly usable on a USB flash drive for example) version of Kiwix for Apple Mac OSXOS X.
== Android ==
'''Kiwix for Android''' is a new version of Kiwixfor all Android based mobile devices. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on all Android4+ devices. This app has a perfect Android look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ Play Store] or [http download directly the APK file]. Kiwix for Android is also available in alternative app stores like:* [ F-Droid]* [ Aptoide]* [ Opera Mobile Store]{{clr}} == iOS =={{Kiwix_download_button_for_ios/az}}'''Kiwix for iOS''' is a new version of Kiwix. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on iPhone, iPad and all iOS8+ devices. This app has a perfect iOS look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ iOS App store]. You first download the Kiwix program from the iTunes App Store to your device and then download the ZIM data files of your choice (for example: Wikipedia or Wikiquote). You can download the ZIM file (or files) directly using the Kiwix App, but this may take a long time and is liable to errors. A faster and more reliable method is to use a computer to download the ZIM file from [[Content_in_all_languages|this web site]] then transfer the ZIM file to your iOS device using iTunes File Sharing. 
'''Kiwix for GNU/Linux''' is a standalone application provided for the x86 architectures:
* [http 32 bits binaries] * [http 64 bits binaries] (Download this if you don't know)
Unpack the downloaded file and run the "kiwix" program. If you have a 64 bits x86 system and try to run the 32 bits version of Kiwix, check that you have the multi arch support installed on your computer.
<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
Biz həmçinin ARM prosessorları üçün [[kiwix-serve/az|kiwix-serve]] və Kiwix-in digər konsol alətləri ilə kompilyasiya olunulmuş versiyasını təklif edirik. Bu proqramı [ buradan] yükləyə bilərsiniz.
GNU/Linux-un bir neçə distributisiyası öz serverlərində Kiwix paketlərini təklif edir:
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:Archlinux.png|42px|center|link=]]<small><p>[ &dArr; Archlinux]</p></small>
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:logo_sugar.png|36px|center|link=http]]<small><p>[http &dArr; Sugar]</p></small>
== Həmçinin bax ==
* [[{{ll|Features}}|Proqramın xarakteristikası]]
* [[{{ll|WikipediaContent}}|<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">Vikipediya</div>]]
* [[{{ll|Help}}|Kömək]]

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