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Microsoft Windows
[[File:Kiwix logo instaler.svg|{{revautoalign}}|330px]]
'''Kiwix''' is a software suite allowing you to enjoy a lot of different content offline, without any access to Internet. But before using Kiwix, you need to download it in accordance to your future usage and your operating system. Then, you will have to choose the content of your wishes via the Kiwix library or from [[{{ll|Content_in_all_languages}}|here]].</translate>
== <translate>'''Kiwix''' allows you to enjoy a lot of different content offline, an access to internet isn't required to use it. It's a desktop application, but we also realease a [[Special:MyLanguage/kiwix-serve|HTTP server version called ''kiwix-serve'']]. But before using Kiwix, you need to download it with regards to the operating system you're using. Then, after starting Kiwix on your computer, you will be able to choose the content of your wishes in the Kiwix library and download it directly from Kiwix.Microsoft Windows</translate>==
== Microsoft Windows = Kiwix Desktop ===<translate>{{Kiwix_download_button_for_windows/en}}</translate>'''<translate>Kiwix for Microsoft Windows''' Desktop is available in two formats:* A a full featured desktop application. [http portable versionDownload it] you can and it will be directly use usable after unzipping the file. This version may also be installed.* A [ is a 64-0bit application and supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later.9-rc2-installer.exe</download self-extracting installer] you need to install before being able to use it.translate>
=== Kiwix for Microsoft Windows JS ===<translate>Kiwix JS is a 32 bits light & highly portable application focusing on mobile devices. You can install it from the [ Microsoft app store] or [ download directly the installer file]. Kiwix JS supports Windows 10 on any device: x64, x86 and supports ARM. ZIM archives can be downloaded in the app. We also provide through the Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or laterStore a few dedicated apps:</translate>* [ Wikivoyage (english)]* [ WikiMed, the Wikipedia medical Encyclopedia (english)] === Kiwix Serve ===Kiwix Serve is our HTTP daemon to serve ZIM files. It is part of the Kiwix tools suite, you can download it [ here], unzip the files and directly start it. [[kiwix-serve|More infos]]...
== <translate><!--T:26-->Apple Mac OSX OS X</translate> ==<translate><!--T:13-->{{Kiwix_download_button_for_mac/en}}</translate><translate><!--T:4-->'''Kiwix for Apple Mac OSXOS X''' is provided as DMG file. You simply need to download it, mount the DMG image and copy/install Kiwix to the Applications folder. So far, there is no portable (directly usable on a USB flash drive for example) version of Kiwix for Apple Mac OSXOS X.</translate>
== <translate><!--T:27-->Android</translate> ==<translate><!--T:18-->{{Kiwix_download_button_for_android/en}}</translate><translate><!--T:19-->'''Kiwix for Android''' is a version of Kiwix for all Android based mobile devices. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on all Android4+ devices. This app has a perfect Android look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ Play Store] or [ download directly the APK file].</translate> <translate><!--T:29-->Kiwix for Android is also available in alternative app stores like:</translate>* [ F-Droid]* [ Aptoide]{{clr}} == <translate><!--T:30-->iOS</translate> ==<translate><!--T:31-->{{Kiwix_download_button_for_ios/en}}</translate><translate><!--T:32-->'''Kiwix for iOS''' is a new version of Kiwix. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on iPhone, iPad and all iOS8+ devices. This app has a perfect iOS look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ iOS App store].</translate> <translate><!--T:33-->You first download the Kiwix program from the iTunes App Store to your device and then download the ZIM data files of your choice (for example: Wikipedia or Wikiquote).</translate> <translate><!--T:34-->You can download the ZIM file (or files) directly using the Kiwix App, but this may take a long time and is liable to errors. A faster and more reliable method is to use a computer to download the ZIM file from [[Content_in_all_languages|this web site]] then transfer the ZIM file to your iOS device using iTunes File Sharing</translate>. {{clr}} == <translate><!--T:28-->GNU /Linux </translate> ==<translate><!--T:14-->{{Kiwix_download_button_for_linux/en}}</translate><translate><!--T:5-->
'''Kiwix for GNU/Linux''' is a standalone application provided for the x86 architectures:
* [http 32 bits binaries] (Download this if you don't know)* [http 64 bits binaries](Download this if you don't know)</translate>
<translate><!--T:6-->Unpack the downloaded file and run the "kiwix" program. If you have a 64 bits x86 system and try to run the 32 bits version of Kiwix, check that you have the multi arch support installed on your computer.</translate>
<translate><!--T:7-->We also provide a precompiled version of [[kiwix-serve]] and other Kiwix console tools for ARM CPUs. You may download it [http here].</translate>
<translate><!--T:8-->A few GNU/Linux distributions have also packaged provide packages of Kiwix:</translate>
{|style="border-spacing: 28px;"
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:Archlinux.png|42px|center|link=http]]<small><p>[http &dArr; Archlinux]</p></small> | style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:logo_sugar.php?IDpng|36px|center|link=58060]]<small><p>[ &dArr; ArchlinuxSugar]</p></small>
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:logo_sugar.png|36px|center|link=]]<small><p>[ &dArr; Sugar]</p></small>}
| style="vertical= <translate><!--alignT:bottom;"|[[File:Debian15--logo.jpg|36px|center|link>Source Code</translate> =Debian]]=<smalltranslate><p!--T:16-->[[Debian]]<{{Kiwix_download_button_for_sources/p>en}}</smalltranslate>
<translate><!--T:17-->'''Kiwix can run on almost every operating system.''' But, we don't provide pre-compiled binaries for all of them. If you are interested in running Kiwix on an operating system for which we don't provide binaries, you may download Kiwix source code and [[{{ll|Compilation}}|compile Kiwix on your own]].</translate>
== <translate><!--T:20-->See also </translate> ==* [[{{ll|Features}}|<translate><!--T:9-->Features</translate>]]* [[Wikipedia{{ll|Content}}|<translate><!--T:10-->Content</translate>]]* [[{{ll|Help}}|<translate><!--T:11-->Help</translate>]]

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