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This page summarizes the plans for the Spring Hackathon 2024.

Date & Venue

From 28 April to 5 May 2024 in Lausanne.

House is located at Route de Lausanne 107, Bourg-en-Lavaux [1].

Getting there by plane

Landing at Geneva airport, there is a train station next to the arrivals. All trains go to Geneva Central, then most continue onwards to Lausanne (about one every 15').

Getting there by train

From Geneva, Geneva airport, or Zurich: go to Lausanne and then take a local train to Cully (every 10-20'; 11 min ride) or Villette (every hour; 8' ride). The house will be a 15' (or 10' from Villette) walk away along the main road.

Train schedules are here, but you can download the most excellent SBB app (Android ;iOS) for schedules. Trains in Switzerland do not require advance booking.


DO NOT FORGET TO BRING AN EXTENSION CORD (and an adapter if you are not joining from mainland Europe).


The main goal of the hackahton is to focus on


  • Test ability to serve mp4 videos (see Qt/licensing issue)



  • Complete effort to document policies/process for the content mgmt - Kelson, Stéphane, Benoit

Kiwix JS apps

  • Add preview of ZIM link on hover to KJS and PWA - Jaifroid
  • Add translation framework for internationalizing the UI of Kiwix PWA - Jaifroid



  • Discuss Hotspot permanent (across SD update) storage
  • Discuss Hotspot maintenance policy: when/under which circumstances do we stop maintaining a version/deployment/HW? Whats our limit on client support (browser version for instance)?
  • What is/are the perfect(s) hotspot(s) hardware configuration?
  • Should we better serve companies (vs NGOs / Foundations)?
  • Should we better serve preppers (what is the outcome of the custom prepper image offering?)?
  • Should we sell all-in-one hotspot configurations? What is it? hardware + ZIMs? virtual machine? continuous updates?
  • Realistic process to process cards or cards+HW orders
  • [catalog] What's the strategy?
  • [catalog] What about i18n?
  • How to manage release management from now? What are the priorities?

Catalog management

  • Discuss relevance of per-scraper Tag in ZIM metadata
  • Have Content Team present Tag/Category strategy (including i18n issue)
  • Discuss availability of content: once we've started to provide a content, do we consider we have to do our best to continue to provide it and update it on a regular basis
  • Challenge the metadata limit: is 30 chars for Title too short?
  • Any progress on the Popularity feature?


  • Merge zimit / warc2zim? Merge youtube / ted ? Merge all python scrapers ?
  • How tolerant are we with item failures in scraper? In other words, is it preferable to produce a ZIM with only 99% of source content because the scraper fails to process 1% of them, or do we want to target 100% or nothing? mwoffliner is very strict, one failing article and the scraper stops. zimit is very permissive, there is no limit in number of failed pages. iFixit has a middle ground, allowing to configure the percentage of failed items.


  • Discuss Support Policy: document existing non-written or loosely written: apple, etc and define/document for public services ( ; also Python, libzim, glibc, etc
  • Cross-readers minimal feature set: defining and naming concepts. Ex: 🏠 (house icon) is used to access local library – Ideally end up with actionable tickets to improve at least Kiwix-serve UI
  • Global/general Code of conduct/contributing guidelines (ie. exclude ChatGPT/Copilot contribs)
  • UI & UX Design, Implementation and Maintenance procedure.
  • Presentation of Jubako/Arx/Waj (mgautier)


  • Presentation of last boards slidewares and outcomes (redacted from confidential information if any)
  • Retrospective last year
  • Roadmap for 2024, for the next 2 years, 5 years ; post-mortem
  • Discuss possibility to have updates of Christina's UI work on the weekly (via Stephane)
  • Discuss Marketing / Pricing / Product management / Portfolio strategies

AI Integration?



Kiwix JS


  • Introduce CODECOV_TOKEN on openZIM organisation


Kiwix tools


From Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th there is also the Wikimedia Hackathon in Tallinn.


  • Reg
  • Kelson
  • MGautier
  • Jaifroid
  • Levon
  • Travis
  • Benoît
  • Stephane


  • Hosting: CHF 2'620.50
  • F&B: 1'039.95
  • Travel: 2'634.16