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This is a list of features we need to run before each release on each platform:

  • Android
  • Windows (installed)
  • Windows (portable)
  • OS X
  • Linux (installed)
  • Linux (portable)
  • Sugar
  • ARM for the kiwix-serve (with kiwix-plug)


For all


  • Install
  • Uninstall


  1. Start Kiwix from the Desktop
  2. Start Kiwix from the application menu
  3. Start Kiwix from the command line
  4. Start kiwix-index
  5. Start kiwix-manage
  6. Start kiwix-install

Content loading

  1. Load a normal *.zim file from the filepicker
  2. Load a splitted *.zimaa file from the filepicker
  3. Load a big *.zim files (>4GB) from the filepicker
  4. Load a normal *.zim file from the command line
  5. Load a splitted *.zimaa file from the command line
  6. Load a normal *.zim file from the desktop with drag&drop
  7. Load a splitted *.zimaa file from the desktop with drag&drop


  1. At the first start avoid downloading the catalog and check the empty remote library
  2. Check if the setting "download remote catalog" works
  3. Download a content
  4. Pause/restart download of a content
  5. Load a content from the library
  6. Remove the content and check that files were removed
  7. Stop/start Kiwix during download, check if it continues


  1. Open internal link
  2. Open external link
  3. Open link in a new tab with double click
  4. Close tabs
  5. Show/hide tabs

Search engine

  1. Index small file
  2. Index big file
  3. Search a pattern
  4. Browse the result page, go through all pages
  5. Check if the suggestions works


  1. Start kiwix-serve from the "Tools" menu
  2. Click on the link
  3. Browse the contents
  4. Check the search engine


  1. Switching skin work during an indexing process
  2. Switching UI during an indexing process

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