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Usability Hackathon 2014

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User experience matters!

Kiwix works well but still suffer of some usability issues. This hackathon has for purpose to improve the overwhole usability of the project: from web site, to Kiwix for PC, through documentation and other mobile versions.

Date & Location


  • Fix compilation on OSX
  • Let integrity check run in background
  • Remove kiwix sh script launcher
  • ...
  • Fix crashes (at least the one with the back button)
  • Implement internal library/downloader
  • Fix bookmarking system
  • ...
  • Build libkiwix for iOS
  • ...
  • Build VM for developers
  • Replace ZIP files by real files in the torrent file
  • Propose index to be download separately
  • Rewrite the list of contents on the Kiwix web site to allow a link to the demo server and also other type of contents (not only Wikimedia)
  • Rewrite windows launcher to avoid XML files, store is at the root of the USB flash drive, everything in one binary
  • Rewrite kiwix linux launcher to be run from usb flash drive root
  • Download splitted ZIM files from the kiwix-desktop downloader
  • In portable version with content, we should provide a launcher with the icon of the content (example wikipedia icon) in addition to the kiwix icon


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