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صفحۀ اصلی

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کیویکس شما را قادر می‌سازد که ویکی‌پدیا را در دستانتان گرفته و کجا که دوست داشتید با آن بروید! در کشتی، در زندان، در وسط بیابان یا هر جای دیگر، کیویکس به شما هر اطلاعاتی که نیاز داشته باشید را می‌دهد. دیگر به اینترنت نیازی نخواهید داشت و همه چیز را در کامپیوتر یا فلش مموری یا DVD خود خواهید داشت.

آیا می‌خواهید بیشتر راجب آن بدانید؟

آنچه کیویکس هست ...
آنچه کیویکس هست ...
Kiwix Persian.jpg
مشاهده ویکی‌پدیا در کیویکس

Kiwix is an offline reader for web content. It's a software especially intended to make Wikipedia available without internet, but it is potentially suitable for all HTML content. Kiwix supports the ZIM format, a highly compressed open format with additional meta-data.

Kiwix is a free software, that means you can freely copy, modify and spread it.

Kiwix is mostly installed in schools, universities and libraries which can't afford a broadband Internet access. Kiwix being a lot faster than the Internet, it's also used by many institutions to save bandwidth and reader's time. But many people use Kiwix for their own private purpose. That's the case, for example, of persons suffering from censorship or prisoners.

Kiwix is really easy to use. It provides a range of features which make the usage comfortable:

  • Full text search engine
  • Bookmarks & Notes
  • HTTP server
  • PDF/HTML export
  • User interface in more than 80 languages
  • Tabs navigation
  • Integrated content manager and downloader
  • More features...

Kiwix is a pretty small and efficient software. You can perfectly use it with small or old computers. It runs on a big range of operating systems and on the three main PC operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX and GNU/Linux distributions.

More about how to download, install and use Kiwix...

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