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The Kiwix volunteers program offers motivated and talented people ways to work for Kiwix during a limited time. Contributors can speak English, French, or German. Technical volunteers should know JavaScript, CSS, or other web languages, or C++.


Kiwix for Android

See Android.

Audience KPI

As Kiwix grows more in popularity it would be really nice to tell the stories of the organizations that are using it. If we know who's using it then we can ask those people to let us know how we can make it better. It would also allow us to better understand the reach that our offline projects and how fast we are improving us.

New Web site

We need to replace the current web site by a more simple and fancy one. The current one is too complicated for the average customer and mix informations for devs and end users. In addition it does not provide some features which are essentials like a simple an intuitive way to search over the ZIM library or a simple way to give a feedback (bug report or feature request). So there is a lot of improvement potential in both content and visuals.

This new one should be based on Mediawiki and we already have a design. The wiki part, like we know it, would be still accessible but not push on the front of the Web site. So we need someone we good PHP & Web languages knowledges to do that.

See also

Mediawiki DumpHTML extension improvement

ZIM Autobuild (assigned)

Deaddrops & Geocaching (Assigned)

Testing platform

We need a solution to test automatically Kiwix. We have currently nothing... so we start from scratch.!


Create a publication platform, a Web site online similar to itunes which would provide the list of available contents to download in ZIM, EPUB, .... also offer to see the book before downloading it.


Make a proof of concept of a ZIM file providing a map using OSM data and a tool like openLayer.

Improve P2P support


  • Package for Ubuntu + official repository
  • Package for Fedora + official repository
  • Package for opensuse + official repository
  • Package for Archlinux + official repository
  • Package for FreeBSD + official repository
  • Package for openWRT and DDWRT

Ambassador Program

Create an ambassador program. Ambassadors would be special people especially aware about Kiwix and able to help others:

  • Spread contents
  • Makes conferences
  • Makes advertisement
  • Local representative

To do that, we should develop a set of tools:

  • Advertisement Package
  • Ambassador program definition
  • Map base on Ushahidi to locate them

See also