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List of Emails sent by the Cardshop (scheduler) through an order process.

Client: person who place the order (the one logged-in)

Recipient: Person who will receive the card (the one on the postal address)

Operator: Person responsible for the WriterHost writing this order (the one on the scheduler account of the writer)

Email To Cc Action
Order created (new order) Recipient Client
Order failed (at whatever stage) Recipient Client
Order failed (download, write) Operator
Image has been uploaded to warehouse Client
Please insert xxGB sdcard into slot YY Operator button-link to confirm insertion
Card inserted OK Operator
Image written successfully (one per write/SD) Operator
Please ship x YYGB SD-card to ZZZ (w/t PDF) Operator button-link to mini form to input shipping details
Order has been shipped Recipient Client