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We need more informations about why our user download kiwix and content. People needs to have a way to give us a feedback and should be advised to use it. Really important: a feedback is only a one way communication from the user to the kiwix project. So we won't answer to feedback, and this is the main difference with bug reports and feature requests.


Ongoing feedback on Kiwix / Content

The idea is using something like the Mozilla feedback solution. Feedback is an option at any time, and maybe should be accessible two different places:

  1. in Kiwix
    1. the toolbar (like firefox)
    2. in the help menu, "what made you use kiwix" menuitem
  2. A link to it in every content package's home page.
  3. on the website homepage

One-time feedback on kiwix / content at the download start

  1. Something like a "pop-up" box that would come when downloading something from the kiwix library manager. This could just ask a couple of things, like "Why are you downloading this?" and "Where are you planning on using this?" etc. (probably with forced answer choices). Jessie
  2. Very short questionnaire after the user clicks on the Kiwix sourceforge download link
  3. Very short questionnaire at kiwix first start (if internet connection available)


We can more or less easily:

What is difficult:

  • Add a link in content... as content should be reader agnostic. Kelson 12:11, 26 July 2011 (CEST)

Open questions

  • Open feedback (like on mozilla) vs questionnaire?

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