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This project is intend to improve the sharing capacity for Kiwix ZIM files.


We have the following problems:

  • The mirrorbrain is on a dedicated hardware, if it dies, nothing is available anymore.
  • Mirrorbrain seems not able to deal with fallback torrent trackers.
  • Mirrorbrain metalink files do not include torrent file.
  • Assure that aria2c is really able to deal with metalink where the HTTP feed does not work anymore
  • If file is not downloadable, Kiwix can not really deal with it.
  • Kiwix is not able to detect other Kiwix instances in the same network
  • Kiwix instances should be able to share their own library file
  • Library file should be able to store the necessary to find per P2P a source without having the metalink file.
  • Kiwix can not deal correctly with ZIM files new version, and files which are removed from the library.