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Tell us your story
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== Tasks ==
=== Kiwix for Android =iOS ==
See [[Android]]. === New Web site ===<gallery>File:Kiwix.org2 mockup1.pngFile:Kiwix.org2 mockup2.png</gallery> iOS|We need to replace the current web site by a more simple and fancy one. The current one is too complicated for the average customer and mix informations for devs and end users. In addition it does not provide some features which are essentials like a simple an intuitive way to search over the ZIM library or a simple way talented developer to give a feedback (bug report or feature request). So there is a lot of improvement potential in both content and visuals. This new one should be based on Mediawiki and we already have a designport Kiwix for iOS. The wiki part, like we know it, would be still accessible but not push on the front of the Web site. So we need someone we good PHP & Web languages knowledges to do thatSee also === [[Mediawiki DumpHTML extension improvement]] ===
=== [[ZIM Autobuild]] (assigned) ===
* Add a way to exchange library and content on a local network (for example, using "bonjour" & Bittorrent DHT)
=== [[Linux Packaging project]] (assigned) ===
=== Ambassador Program ===

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