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Tell us your story
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Importing a new version from external source
== Download == <!--T:2-->
To obtain Wikipedia offline on your computer, you can download the components separately or download a ready-to use package including all of them:* '''Non-indexed ZIM''' files contain only a ZIM file. This allows you to search for articles by title, including suggestions. You may want to [[Special:MyLanguage/ZIM Indexing|index]] later if you need to do fulltext full-text searches.* '''Portable pre-indexed ZIM''' files contain the Kiwix software with a pre-indexed ZIM file. Everything is compressed in a ZIP file. For now, these packages work only with Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. In these packages, the ZIM files may be split into several two gigabytes parts to be compatible with FAT32 file-systems.
The '''Portable pre-indexed ZIM''' is always a little bit bigger than the '''Non-indexed ZIM''' file, but if you have enough bandwidth, we recommend to download it. It's the easiest way to have a directly usable Wikipedia offline and this package will be really easy to copy to many different places.

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