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{{FAQ_entry|question=فایل‌های ZIM بسیار حجیم هستند، چه راه‌حلی وجود دارد؟|answer=USB flash drives and memory cards are often formatted using the FAT32 filesystem which can't store files bigger than 4GB. Kiwix is able to deal with 2GB splitted ZIM files. The splitted ZIM files must be named xxx.zimaa, xxx.zimab, xxx.zimac, etc. To split a ZIM file you may use:
* در ویندوزOn Microsoft Windows: [ FSJHJ-LiteSplit]* در مکینتاش: [ Split&Concat] [ Split&Concat]* در لینوکس با استفاده از کنسول: split --bytes=2000M my_big_file.zimsplit --bytes=2000M my_big_file.zim 
To be readable by Kiwix, all chunks must be located in the same folder. Open then the xxx.zimaa file with Kiwix.

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