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Tell us your story
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Hackathon Wikimania 2016

448 bytes added, 4 years ago
; youtube-scrapper
* [ Remove useless --dl-playlist] @Dattaz
*[ if no playlist in channel, playlist select box should be invisible] @Dattaz*[ Take care of the "presentation" video] @Dattaz
; Kiwix-serve
; zimwriterfs
* Clean-up of REAMDE and compilation scripts @Scott
* Fix many small bugs discovered by hackathon attendees @Emmanuel
; PhET
* Many improvements of the PhET scrapper @Joe
* Move of the PhET scrapper source code to Github Kiwix project @Joe
* Publication and automatisation of montly monthly update of PhET ZIM files @Emmanuel* Publication on Android store of the first PhET app @Emmanuel ; Kiwix Desktop* Migration to new Xapian 1.3.7 (port for Windows/OSX still to do) @Emmanuel* Add support for new glass single-file Xapian fulltext indexes @Emmanuel ; Catalog* Common agreement between attendees of [[Catalog|what information should belong to the catalog]] @Tim @Adam @Matthieu @Alexis @Emmanuel
== Impact ==

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