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Hackathon Spring 2017

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Group Discussion Topics: Added a meeting about automatic testing
==== Intro ====
We believe large numbers of users only use the app briefly before abandoning it. There are various ideas why this might be so. Perhaps they don't understand what the app can do for them, or they may find it hard to get started. There may be problems downloading content, etc. Also, with our growth in custom apps, including non-Wikipedia content such as PhET simulations, perhaps the user interface, menu options, and some of the functionality is a poor fit for the content and capabilities. We'd like to discuss the UX, including onboarding (getting users from first starting the app to using it productively), and consider ways we might usefully improve the UX.
=== Automatic testing ===
When: Wednesday 5th April 2017
==== Intro ====
Some repos already have automatic testing (unit tests and/or UI tests). Some other ones plan to add it.
We should discuss our experience/ideas on that topic, and see if we could do something in common.
== Achievements ==

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