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Hackathon Spring 2017

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This page summarizes the action plan for the '''Kiwix Spring Hackathon 2017'''.
== Additional Hackathons ==
A larger [[Hackathon Wikimania 2017|http://OFF.NETWORK Hackathon]] will follow, in New York State right near Montreal (August 13-18, 2017) immediately after [ Wikimania 2017].
[[UkHackathon2017]] A mini hackathon is planned for 14th and 15th December 2017 in England that will focus on improving the quality of the Kiwix Android app.
== Goals ==
* Consider possible ways to enable users to provide device-info such as storage locations to help us improve support for their devices.
; Scrappers Scrapers (Python)* Fix Gutenberg scrapper scraper and generate new ZIM files
* Fix KALite ZIM export (for a first release)
* Create a fully automatized solution for Stackexchange projects ZIM files
; Scrapper Scraper Mediawiki (Nodejs)* Implement Wikihow scrapper scraper (non-parsoid Mediawiki scraper)
* Scrape categories
* Support videos (if Parsoid allows it)
* Add option to specify zim path
=== youtube scrapper scraper ===
* update code and package to python package :
* Add Dockerfile and [ CI integration in Docker-hub]
* add option to specify zim path
=== openedx/FUN scraper ===
* brainstorming about how to do it
* making a first basically (no special case, only for, some things aren't put offline like fonts) working prototype
=== Android ===
* Custom apps generation moved to gradle
* Very basic UI instrumentation tests added
* New version bookmark/Reading List feature
* Full automated Custom app generation
=== zimwriterfs ===
* Category Filtering
* UI/UX improvements
=== wikihow scraper ===
* Stub
=== Apache module ===
* First version ready for Alpha testing on Debian-based servers see
=== Kalite ===
* First version working
=== Search engine ===
* Last bug fixes ft search
* Integration ft search zimlib
* More Travis integration (kiwix-lib, kiwix-tools)
== Code organization ==
== MWoffliner ==
* Add Dockerfile and [ CI integration in Docker-hub]
* Add support local Parsoid
== Impact ==
* F&B: ~3000 CHF
-> ~9.000 CHF

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