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{{FAQ_entry|question=Wo gibt es weitere Inhalte?|answer=Kiwix verwendet das [ ZIM-Format]. Auf der Startseite gibt es [[{{ll|Wikipedia in all languages}}|unsere vorbereiteten ZIM-Dateien]]. Man kann auch den "[ Spezial:Buch]" der Wikipedia verwenden, um eigene ZIM-Dateien zu erstellen.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=Meine ZIM-Datei ist zu groß. Was kann ich tun?|answer=USB flash drives and memory cards are often formatted using the FAT32 filesystem which can't store files bigger than 4GB. Kiwix is able to deal with 2GB splitted ZIM files. The splitted split ZIM files must be named xxx.zimaa, xxx.zimab, xxx.zimac, etc. To split a ZIM file you may use:* Unter Microsoft Windows: [ FFSJ] or [ HJ-Split] (slower option); on Windows 10, if you have [ Bash on Ubuntu] installed, you can use the GNU/Linux commands below.
* Unter Apple Mac OS X: [ Split&Concat]
* On GNU/Linux in the console:<source lang="bash">split --bytes=2000M my_big_file.zim my_big_file.zim</source>
You can also download a pre-splitted split version of the ZIM file by downloading a pre-indexed/portable ZIP file and copy the chunks from the directory "data/content".
To be readable by Kiwix, all chunks must be located in the same folder. Open then the xxx.zimaa file with Kiwix.
{{FAQ_entry|question=I have downloaded a ZIP file (pre-indexed ZIM file) but I can't unzip it, the file seems to be corrupted. What should I do?|answer=Benutze eine Software die zum Entpacken dient und die folgendes Format unterstützt: ZIP64 (ZIP Format für grosse Dateien), wie beispielsweise [ 7-zip]. Wenn das Entpacken dann immer noch nicht möglich ist wurde die Datei während des Transfers beschädigt. In diesem Fall muss der Download neu gestartet werden. Dazu benutzt man am besten BitTorrent, dann sollte es funktionieren.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=How do I check the integrity of my ZIM file?|answer=You can retrieve the checksums for each file we serve online using this pattern: <source>kiwix-filename.zim.mirrorlist</source>, for example: <source></source>}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=I can't copy Kiwix on my USB flash drive because the index files (*.idx directory) are too big.|answer=USB flash drives are often formatted using the FAT32 filesystem which can't store files bigger than 4GB. We recommend to use [ exFAT] or [ NTFS] which can deal with big files and are broadly supported.}}

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