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Microsoft Windows
=== Kiwix Desktop ===
<translate>'''Kiwix Desktop''' is a full featured desktop application. [ Download it] and it will be directly usable after unzipping the file. It is a 64-bit application and supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later.</translate>
=== Kiwix JS ===
'''Kiwix JS''' is a light & highly portable application focusing on mobile devices. You can install it from the [ Microsoft app store] or [ download directly the installer file]. Kiwix JS supports Windows 10 on any device: x64, x86 and ARM. ZIM archives can be downloaded in the app.
We also provide through the Microsoft Store a few dedicated apps:</translate>
* [ WikiMed, the Wikipedia medical Encyclopedia (english)]
=== Kiwix serve Serve ==='''Kiwix serve''' Serve is our HTTP daemon to serve ZIM files. It is part of the Kiwix tools suite, you can download it [ here], unzip the files and directly start it. [[kiwix-serve|More infos]]...

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