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Hackathon Wikimania 2019

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WP1 Bot
* Make a Docker image of the update part - Kelson
* Try to convert Update -> Releases to Python - Travis
** ''Didn't quite work, and when I ran the old Perl code it deleted the entire table''
** ''Possibly something to do with the data sources?''
* Set up travis-ci for the bot's github project - Travis
** ''The travis.yml file is already configured and correct''
** ''I can't seem to add the master repo to Travis-CI, maybe because I'm not a member of the openzim project?''
*** ''It shows as "outside contributor" in github for me.''
* Develop scheduling infrastructure for update part - Travis
* Convert upload part to Python with tests - Travis
* Setup Codefactor & Codecoverage, Emmanuel
* Setup CI with automated testing, Travis
* Wrote upload tables code, with tests. Travis
* Setup rq job queueing/worker code for update/upload portion. Travis
== Organization ==

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