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adding OPDS feature link, extending options
* Available as command line executable
* Embedded in Kiwix UI
* Able to deal with one ZIM file or XML library files* [[OPDS|RESTful API endpoint with OPDS (XML)]]</translate>
== <translate><!--T:8-->
Kiwix-serve provides a few options:
* <code>--port=PORT </code> to specify the port you want to open for listening (per default 80)* <code>--daemon </code> to execute the software in background* <code>--attachToProcess=PID </code> to attach kiwix-serve process to other process* <code>--verbose </code> to get a few logs* <code>--address=IP</code> to bind a particular IP (per default = all interfaces)</translate> 
== <translate><!--T:21-->
See also</translate> ==

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