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Compilation Platform (Assigned)
We currently do that manually, and because we do not have a lot of packagers, most of the work is done by developers... by hand. We support always more platforms, so this takes always more time and consequently brakes the whole release management. In addition, doing that manually is a big source of errors.
So we are searching for someone to build a global software solution to fix that issue. This solution should allow someone to build all these files with only a few clicks or commands. This solution should be fully documented and as cheap as possible. We think this should use virtual machines to avoid the need of a lot of expensive hardware. Our first researches were leading to Mozilla Tinderbox which seems to be the best alternative (but if you have a better idea, we are ready to discuss it):*** But, maybe [ BuildBot] or [ Jenkins] could also do the job!
We seek here someone with good knowledge in compilation and scripting languages like Perl and/or bash to setup and document this platform.

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