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The Kiwix '''volunteers program''' offers motivated and talented people ways to work for Kiwix during a limited time. Contributors can speak English, French, or German. Technical volunteers should know JavaScript, CSS, or other web languages, or C++.
<translate>== Tasks ==<!--T:2--></translate>
=== Kiwix for Android [ (Assignedre) =-Introduce ZIM support in MediaWiki Book creator/OCG] ==
See <translate><!--T:3-->[ MediaWiki] is the wiki engine behind [ Wikipedia], all [ Wikimedia projects] and thousands other Web sites. It's a cutting edge free software providing highly featured web sites that anybody can edit. MediaWiki hosted content can be made available for offline usage through the [ Collection extension] (written in PHP). The Collection extension allows to easily create collection/selection of articles: so called books ; here is [ how it works on the English Wikipedia]. Once created, books can be exported in PDF format. The PDF exporting backend itself is not provided by the Collection extension, it's done with a JavaScript based solution called [ OCG]. OCG is a NodeJS daemon able to transform a book definition in a PDF and it should be able to do the same in the ZIM format. The [ ZIM format] allows to store web pages (with images, videos, etc...) in one extremely compressed file. These pages are then available to read on most computers with a reader like [Android Kiwix]. A [ stub of solution] has already been written and the [ MWOffline] is already functional. This [ task]is mostly about merging them.</translate>
=== Collect informations about our audience [[phpzim]] (Assignedassigned) ===
As Kiwix grows == Promotional video (assigned) ==Look [[Video|here]] for more in popularity it would be really nice to tell the stories of the organizations that are using it. If we know who's using it then we can ask those people to let us know how we can make it better. It would also allow us to better understand the reach that our offline projects and how fast we are improving usdetails.
Currently with think in the following directions:* Get more informations about the downloads and develop [[KPIs]]* <stranslate>Setup a system to allow user to give us a feedback (see [ Tomasz's email])== Testing platform === </s!--T:4--> {{done}}* Improve/simplify bug reporting and feature requesting (being able We need a solution to leave an email adress without registering, simplier)test automatically Kiwix. We have currently nothing... so we start from scratch!* <s>[[Feedback]] system</stranslate> {{done}}
<translate>=== New Web site Wikipublish ===<gallery!--T:5-->File:Kiwix.org2 mockup1.pngFile:Kiwix.org2 mockup2.png</gallerytranslate>
We need <translate><!--T:6-->Create a publication platform, a Web site online similar to replace iTunes which would provide the current web site by a more simple and fancy onelist of available contents to download in ZIM, EPUB, ... The current one is too complicated for the average customer and mix informations for devs and end users. In addition it does not provide some features which are essentials like a simple an intuitive way also offer to search over see the ZIM library or a simple way to give a feedback (bug report or feature request)book before downloading it. So there is a lot of improvement potential in both content and visuals.</translate>
This new one should be based on Mediawiki and we already have a design<translate><!--T:7-->* [http://meta. The part, like we /Offline_Projects/Library/Wikipublish#Volunteers Want to know it, would be still accessible but not push on the front of the Web sitemore.. So we need someone we good PHP & Web languages knowledges to do that.]* Add support of EPUB in Kiwix</translate>
See also <translate>=== OSM === <!--T:8-->Make a proof of concept of a ZIM file providing a map using OSM data and a tool like [http://paulguopenlayers.comorg/wikiopenLayer].</Drop_Down_Menu_Seriestranslate>
<translate>=== Compilation Platform (Assigned) Improve P2P support ===<!--T:9-->* Fix Mirrorbrain to [ integrate torrent links in mirrorbrain]* Fix Mirrorbrain to [ support fallback torrent trackers in .torrent files]* Add a way to exchange library and content on a local network (for example, using "bonjour" & BitTorrent DHT)</translate>
Kiwix is currently ported to 3 different platforms: MS Windows, Apple Mac OS X and GNU/=== [[Linux. In addition, and this has to be kept in mind, there are many GNU/Linux distributions and also two architectures per platform. So we speak here of 10->20 files we have to prepare each time we release a new version of Kiwix.Packaging project]] (assigned) ===
We currently do that manually, and because we do not have a lot of packagers, most of the work is done by developers... by hand. We support always more platforms, so this takes always more time and consequently brakes the whole release management. In addition, doing that manually is a big source of errors.<translate>=== Ambassador Program === <!--T:10-->
So we are searching for someone to build a global software solution to fix that issue. This solution should allow someone to build all these files with only a few clicks or commands<!--T:14-->Create an '''ambassador program'''. This solution should '''Ambassadors''' would be fully documented special people especially aware about Kiwix and as cheap as possible. We think this should use virtual machines able to avoid the need of a lot of expensive hardware. help others:* Spread contents* Make conferences* Make advertisement* Local representative
We seek here someone with good knowledge in compilation and scripting languages like Perl and<!--T:15-->To do that, we should develop a set of tools:* Advertisement Package* Ambassador program definition* Map base on Ushahidi to locate them</or bash to setup and document this platform.translate>
Follow the implementation on these pages<translate>==== Starter Kit (Assigned) ==== <!--T:11-->* Perhaps a nice kit would help. You know, like for organizing Linux installation parties[1] or Mozilla's event kits[Black&White Project/Compilation Farm]2]* [[Black&White Projectetc., that encourages people, and provides step-by-step guidance and advice, to go and install Kiwix with a relevant offline Wikipedia file in their local no-Internet (or restricted/Automatic compilation]]expensive Internet) school, college, community center, etc.
=== Mediawiki DumpHTML extension improvement ===<!--T:16-->Would anyone be interested in working on that? WMF can contribute funding for some materials -- a Kiwix quick-start guide or cheatsheet, stickers, T-shirts.[1],[2]</translate>
* [[Mediawiki DumpHTML extension improvement]]<translate>== Video == <!--T:12-->It would be great to have a video (screencast) presenting the software with its most important features.
=== Kiwix plug <!--T:17-->Here is a proposition:* Presentation slide of the video with slide and authors* Presentation of the context (AssignedOnline Wikipedia put offline of a DVD) ===[[Image* Presentation of the principle of Kiwix and ZIM* Starting Kiwix* Open file* Indexing file* surfing* searching* special features:Nimbus_n_iPhonefullscreen, switch language, font bigger/smaller, random page, etc.JPG|right|thumb|]]See [[Plug solution]].* Finish (present the ZIM availables and how to download them)</translate>
<translate>== See also == <!--T:13-->* [[ZIM Autobuild{{ll|Participate}}|Participate]] (assigned) ==* [[{{ll|Roadmap}}|Roadmap]]=== * [[Deaddrops & Geocaching{{ll|Development}}|Development]] (Assigned) === == See also ==* [ Kiwix bugs & feature requests]
* [ WMF Offline project overview]
* [[Roadmap</en]]translate>

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