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==Developers guide==
The developers guide contains a series of documents that will help developers understand Kiwix source code better. Kiwix is free software, and as such invites all developers to make their own modifications.
; [[Tools|Building a ZIM]]
:Toolkit to build a dump of Wikipedia ZIM.
; [[Build a DVD|Make a DVD]]
:Shows the structure and order of files to run Kiwix from a DVD.
; [[Compilation|Compile Kiwix]]
:It includes step by step procedure to compile Kiwix. Linux distributions and Windows.
; [[Compilation|Compile kiwix-serve]]
:Simple steps to compile the Kiwix server version.
; [[Compiling Autorun|Compiling Kiwix autorun]]
:Elements needed to compile the autorun.
; [[Compiling Windows Installer|Making a Kiwix Windows Installer]]
:Steps needed to make a Kiwix installer for Windows, using NIS.
; [[Translation|Kiwix UI Translation]]
:It involves everything related to the translation of the Kiwix UI and support for end user.
; [[translation/languages|Already available languages]]
== See also ==
* [[Compilation]]
* [[Translation for developers]]

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