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Translation for developers

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Beside the pure [[translation]] part of the work, the '''Kiwix source code needs to be synchronized with Translatewiki''' . This synchronisation with Translatewiki needs three additional type of operations:
* ''Add a string'' to Kiwix and Translatewiki, ie. introducing a dynamic string which will be replaced by the corresponding translation.
* ''Update the Kiwix strings'' with the translations coming from Translatewiki.
* Translatewiki translations are imported separately in the Kiwix code repository on time a week and we always need to synchronize thus files with Kiwix code in both direction (KW->TW and TW -> KW).
'''WARNING: Before any modification of Kiwix source code, update your local code repository with "svn updategit pull origin master".'''
== Checkout the code and start Kiwix ==

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