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<div class="title">Welcome</div>
<div class="chapter">
Welcome to Kiwix software. Kiwix is a <a href="">free software<a> able to read <a href="">ZIM files</a>. ZIM files are files merging multimedia content (text, picture, video) typically issued by the <a href="">World Wide Web</a>, like <a href="">Blogs</a> or <a href="">Wikis</a>. Kiwix is consequently a solution which allows you to browse content offline which is normaly only available online. It is especially developed to give access to the content of the free encyclopedia <a href="">Wikipedia</a> to people which do not have access to <a href="">Internet</a>. However Kiwix is a software under active development, it can be used.

<div class="title">ZIM files</div>
<div class="chapter">
Currently, there does not exist any official release of ZIM files, but we are working on a few of them. You can download development files <a href="">here</a> with your browser and open them with the menu "File > Open file..."

<div class="title" style="text-indent: 0px;">Help</div>
  <li><a href="">Report a bug</a></li>
  <li><a href="">Make a feature request</a></li>
  <li><a href="">Frequently asked questions</a></li>
  <li><a href="">Other</a></li>
<div class="chapter">

<div class="title">More...</div>
<div class="chapter" style="text-indent: 0px;">
  <li><a href="">Kiwix project Web page</li>
  <li><a href="">openZIM project Web page</li>