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How does it work?

On every commit, CI runs the following GitHub actions:

  • legoktm/gh-action-auto-dch: Adds a new changelog entry based on the Git version or tag so the package has the correct version that we want.
  • legoktm/gh-action-build-deb: Builds the Debian package on the selected Debian/Ubuntu version.
  • legoktm/gh-action-dput: If the commit is to the master branch or a tag push, it uploads the package to the PPA. Note that the Ubuntu PPA will rebuild the package on the launchpad infrastructure, the Debian PPA likely will not.

What dependencies are available

Build dependencies are specified in the debian/control file, see the Debian policy for more info. Specific versions can be looked up using the normal package lists for Debian and Ubuntu.

If a dev package is being build, all of the packages already in the dev PPA will be available to depend upon. If it's a release package, all the release packages will be available.

If you need something packaged that isn't available yet, or want to depend upon a newer version, please reach out to Legoktm to see if a local backport is feasible.

What do I need to do if I'm bumping the SONAME?

  • Edit debian/control to change the package name from e.g. libkiwix8 to libkiwix9. You will also need to add it to the list of Breaks.
  • Rename any .install files with the old package name in them, e.g. libkiwix8.install to libkiwix9.install.

See this PR as an example.