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Part of the 3D structure of an Ebola virus. I am interested in how multimedia can help — both on- and offline — to convey complex science, e.g. in the context of public health emergencies and biodiversity loss. (Source)
A figure from a typical publication: Adélie penguins are identified and weighed each time they cross the automated weighbridge on their way to and from the sea. The data are recorded on the spot but not made public. How can approaches like Kiwix and Internet-in-a-Box help with sharing such field research?
Metadata play a crucial role in mediating between on- and offline workflows. I'm interested in understanding better how that works. (Source)

About me

A biophysicist interested in collaborative workflows to perform research and communicate research-related information.

What am I doing here?

I am new on this wiki and primarily interested in the Hackathon Wikimania 2017.

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