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Hi Najadenn. I have got your email but somehow was not possible to reply it (your email was not in it). Your are really welcome to write your user story within your personal user page. We love user stories! Regards Kelson (talk) 09:50, 23 June 2020 (UTC) it affected me?

10cc would sing: "i don't like kiwix - I LOVE IT !!"[1]

but it took me almost eight years to realize the hidden gift was a part of that white ribbon...

offline Computing on old hardware is my special hobby!

it was in 2012 when i took part in the WikiCon in Dornbirn, near the Swiss border. the nice gave it to me as a welcoming gift: Kiwix 0.9 rc1 (brandnew in those days). right from the beginning of my it-activities i kept the old OS (like win2000 pro or XP pro 32-bit) on safe partitions of my laptops(Gericom, Medion, Samsung), netbooks(Asus Eee Pc; Samsung NC10) and barebones(shuttle xPC; Dell) - all running in multi-boot-mode. the unholy trinity which killed 20 years of hard work was then:

1) 2014 the sudden death of XP (caused by Microsoft)

2) 2016 the "DSGVO" (caused by the government)

3) 2018 the brutal end of coldfusion 5 (caused by Adobe)

so i had nothing more left than peer2peer-connections via ethernet between 2 offline-machines. that was not what i had dreamed of... but then came Eminem with "now this looks like a job for me"[2]: Kiwix...

i turned on my DELL optiplex fx160 (Windows embedded + xp pro 32), startet Kiwix by USB and typed 'purwin' into the searchmask - one article found (!). believe it or not, on en_wiki! it was Constructed Languages. note no.21: Dis is de niu esperânto: SIMPLISH! and i clicked on it. all of a sudden my firefox opened (i used to put my in the etc/host to 'localhost AND to ''), and this CFML-application started immediately. a local en_wiki pointed to my local LAN!!

Kiwix 02.gif
(one of the greatest digital adventures i ever had)

thanx for listening, and feel free to respond! ulli p.