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'''Kiwix''' is an offline reader for web content. It's software intended to make Wikipedia available without using the internet, but it is potentially suitable for all HTML content. Kiwix supports the [ ZIM format], a highly compressed open format with additional meta-data.
Kiwix yra is [ nemokama programinė įrangafree software], tai reiškiawhich means you can freely [[development|copy, kad jūs galite laisvai kopijuoti, modifikuoti ir dalytismodify and distribute]] it.
Kiwix is mostly installed in schools, universities and libraries which can't afford a broadband Internet access. It is much faster than the Internet and also can be used by many institutions to save bandwidth and reader's time. But many people use Kiwix for their own personal purposes, for example, of people suffering from censorship or prisoners.
Su Kiwix labai paprasta naudotiis really easy to use. Tai aprūpina diapazoną ypatybių, kurios daro vartojimą patogųIt provides a range of features which make usage comfortable:* Pilno teksto paieškos variklisFull text search engine* Žymės Bookmarks & pastabosNotes* HTTP serverisserver* PDF/HTML eksportasexport* Naudotojo sąsaja daugiau nei User interface in more than 100 kalbųlanguages* Kortelių navigacijaTabs navigation* Integruotas turinio tvarkytuvas ir atsiuntėjasIntegrated content manager and downloader* [[Special:MyLanguage/Features|Daugiau ypatybiųMore features...]]
Kiwix yra gana maža ir efektyvi programinė įranga. Jūs galite tobulai panaudoti tai su mažais ar senais kompiuteriaisis small and efficient software, usable on lower powered or old computers. Tai bėga ant didelio diapazono operacinių sistemųIt runs on a large range of operating systems, Ant Androido ir ant trijų svarbiausio asmeninio kompiuterio operacinės sistemoson Android and on the three main PC operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX ir and GNU/Linux plėtradistributions.
<div style="text-align: {{revautoalign}}; padding-top: 1em; padding-bottom: 1em;">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Software|Daugiau apie atsisiuntimą, įdiegimą ir Kiwix naudojimą]]'''</div>

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