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[[File:Nuvola_apps_bookcase.svg|20px|link=]] nella barra degli strumenti di Kiwix e puoi tornare ala pagina precedente ricliccando sulla stessa icona. Vedrai una pagina con un menù alla sua sinistra checontiene due opzioni ('''La mia libreria''' e '''Ottieni nuovi file''') e una casella di ricerca.
By clicking on '''My library''' you will see a list of your installed ZIM files in the right side of the page. Each of the ZIM files in that list has two buttons, '''Remove''' which removes thae the ZIM file from your Kiwix Library and '''Load''' which launches the ZIM file content.
You can also see the ZIM file details like the size, number of articles and media files, language and the date which would be helpful if you are going to update a ZIM file.
Note that by removing a ZIM file, you won't be able to use the ZIM file content again and you should open install and index that in order to re-use it.
By clicking on '''Remove''', you will ask to answer a question which wants to sure you decided be asked for confirmation to delete the ZIM content from your Library list. Mark the ''Do not delete content (ZIM) file'' if you want to keep the original .ZIM file in your memory/hard disk.
Note that you can not run more than one content package simultaneously, for instance, if you are using the English Wikipedia ZIM content and want to read an article of French Wikipedia, you should load the French Wikipedia ZIM file from your Library. So you have to load the ZIM file you want to use from the Library list and you will be navigated to the homepage of the same ZIM file then. You can load another ZIM file by going back to Library section and load it.
By clicking on '''Get new files''' you will see a list of available ZIM files to download with the ZIM file details. You can click on '''Download''' button if you want to download the ZIM file directly from the Kiwix and without using any web-browsers and download manager softwares.
There is a box in the left side of the Library section which is useful when you want to search a specific ZIM file or filter your ZIM files list by a specific size or language, etc. The search box works with both of installed ZIM files (which are in "My library" section) and online ZIM files (which are in "Get new files" section)
In order to search a specfic specific ZIM file, just type its name in the "Search ZIM files" text field and to sort the list by title, size ot date, use the "Sort by" list and to filter the list by a language or filter the files bigger than a specific size, use the options of "Filter by" section.

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