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Tell us your story
How has offline Wikipedia affected you? The Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit that supports Wikipedia) is looking for personal, diverse and inspiring stories about how offline Wikipedia affects the world. If you have a personal story that you would like to share, please contact: Thank you!


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This is the Dies ist die Kiwix '''Frequently Asked Questions''' (or '''FAQ''') page-Seite zu häufig gestellten Fragen. If you don't find an answer to your questionSolltest du hier keine Antwort auf deine Frage finde, please consider reading the kann dir die [[Special:MyLanguage/Help|Help pageHilfeseite]] or visit our weiterhelfen. Du kannst aber auch unser [ Forum Forum]besuchen .
{{FAQ_entry|question=Wo gibt es weitere Inhalte?|answer=Kiwix uses the [ ZIM format]. We release [[{{ll|Wikipedia in all languages}}|our own ZIM files]] which are available for download in the Kiwix library (in the software). You can also use the [ Book creator] on Wikipedia to generate your own ZIM files.}}

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