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Phase 1

Critical bugs phase (8/24/11 - 8/31/11)

Task Title Description Next step Progress Bug Priority Difficulty
#16 Critical bugs
  • [Kiwix for Windows crashby opening specific ZIM file]
  • [Not possible on Windows to open a ZIM file if accented path]
  • [Search engine does not always work on Windows]
  • [Deal with relative paths in the library]
closed 100% Top 20 hours

Phase 2

Feedback system (8/31/11 - 9/21/11)

Task Title Description Next step Progress Bug Priority Difficulty
#7 Menu item feedback In browser feedback closed 100% High 2
#8 Post download feedback Post content download open 100% High 4
#9 Feedback system Supporting in browser and post download closed 100% High 40

Phase 3

Filtering and Sorting (9/21/11 - 9/28/11)

Task Title Description Next step Progress Bug Priority Difficulty
#5 Filters and sorting Add ability to filter and sort listed ZIM files closed 100% Low 15
#6 Searching Add ability to search available ZIM files (title and description) closed 100% Low 15

Phase 4

#12 KPIS Implement KPIS pause 30% Low 20
#15 Distribution Easier workflow for local distribution
* build kiwix-install
* improve build-kiwix-release.sh and provide ZIP files for each ZIM file
* Write the documentation about how to use the tools<br.>* port the tools on OSX
90% Low 40


Task Title Description Next step Progress Bug Priority Difficulty
#1 #Revamp the help page The help page must be more complete, more sexy, with screenshots. It should also provide an easy way to download new content. proposal 0% Low 30 hours
#2 #Kiosk mode It would also be cool to have a kiosk mode available in which the interface would be fullscreen unless a special keyboard command was issued. discussion 0% low 5 hours
#3 #History navigator You can purge your history, but you can't view it. It would be nice to be able to browse through your history either from a menu or the Sidebar.. discussion 0% Low really depends what we want here. A few hours to get a simple list of pages but a lot of work if you want a mgmt tool.
#4 Desktop File browser integration ZIM file mime-type should be recognized as "application/x-zim", icon should be the kiwix one and double click on them should start kiwix and open the file. closed 100% Medium 20 hours
#10 #Refine Kiwix UI Improve the look and feel 0% Low 20
#11 Upgrade to XUL 2.0 Upgrade to XUL runner 2.0 0% Low 40
#13 Search Improve search 0% Low 40
#14 ePub Add ePub support 0% Low 60


Task Title Description Next step Progress Bug Priority Difficulty
#1 Allow multzim search and make it configurable concept 0% Low 20 hours
#2 Ability to build zim files Implement a full pipeline for openZim files grant request ongoing 0% Low 500
#3 Revamp bookmarks Bookmarks needs to be rethink and reimplemented proposal 0% Low 60


Refine Kiwix UI

Improve the appearence. Appearance is important to gain confidence in the software and make the whole user experience better. I propose here to involve here someone with design skills and propose to implement his proposition after discussion in the app. Kelson 20:39, 22 August 2011 (CEST)


  • Better language switch menu organisation, they are now too much language in one list
  • Still continue to improve the tabs design

Automate zim file generation

Work on a solution to fully automatize the generation of full ZIM files. We need to simply and multiply the generation of Full ZIM files. I have currently script, but I need something to build on the top (a good Makefile for example and afterward a Web UI) to make them simplier to use.

Open bugs

Select a subset of bugs and improvment in the list we have build with our testers. They are a few bugs we *must* fix in the next release.

XUL 2.0

Migrate to xulrunner 2.0 to use the best of the Mozilla code and last improvments bug fix.


Implement KPIs. Is essential the measure the performance of the project, is also important for other sponsors.

Improve Search Engine

Improve the search engine... currently it's OK, but we could be better. Here a few possible improvments:

  • integrating stop words
  • search pattern words in bold
  • better ranking


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