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Translation for developers

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This synchronisation synchronization with Translatewiki needs three types of operation:
* ''Add a string'' to Kiwix and Translatewiki, ie. introducing a dynamic string which will be replaced by the corresponding translation at the runtime.
* ''Update the Kiwix strings'' with the translations coming from Translatewiki.
If you find one you need to find a string identifier (foobar for example), have a look to the already localised localized string to see how it should looks like. the most important to know is that in the *.xul files, it should looks like "&foobar;" and in the *.js like "getProperty('foobar')".
But you also need to tell Translatewiki to add this string in the list of string it has to provide (for the Translatewiki translators) to translate. For that you need to checkout an other another part of Kiwix code repository. Please run outside of your local kiwix code directory following console command:
The last thing you need to do is creating stub translation of your new localised localized string for all supported user interface languages in Kiwix. If you do not that, Kiwix won't be able to work correctly in another language as English.
One other Another task is to update already supported Kiwix languages with the last string strings updated coming from Translatewiki. The first thing to know about that is that in the remote subversion repository, the Translatewiki file (in maintenance/translatewiki) are each two weeks updated from a Translatewiki contributors. That means, you only need to update your local repository and update and commit the kiwix code translation files like following:
Kiwix tries to add only 100% translated languages coming from Translatewiki. So it happens often that they are more languages in the "maintenance_tools/translatewiki" directory than in the "kiwix/kiwix/chrome/locale" directory. In such a case, that simply mean the the Translatewiki language was still not integrated in Kiwix code base. We explain now how to do that.
After that you need go to the kiwix source code directory in "kiwix/chrome" and edit with your prefered preferred text editor the "chrome.manifest" and "" files. No explanation here, just do like for the already supported languages.

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