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<translate>== Tasks == <!--T:2-->== Tasks ==
=== [[phpzim]] (assigned) ===
<translate>=== Testing platform === <!--T:4-->=== Testing platform ===
We need a solution to test automatically Kiwix. We have currently nothing... so we start from scratch.!
<translate>=== Wikipublish === <!--T:5-->=== Wikipublish ===
<translate>=== OSM === <!--T:8-->=== OSM ===
Make a proof of concept of a ZIM file providing a map using OSM data and a tool like [ openLayer].
<translate>=== Improve P2P support === <!--T:9-->=== Improve P2P support ===
* Fix Mirrorbrain to [ integrate torrent links in mirrorbrain]
* Fix Mirrorbrain to [ support fallback torrent trackers in .torrent files]
=== [[Linux Packaging project]] (assigned) ===
<translate>=== Ambassador Program === <!--T:10-->=== Ambassador Program ===
Create an '''ambassador program'''. '''Ambassadors''' would be special people especially aware about Kiwix and able to help others:
* Spread contents
* Local representative
To do that, we should develop a set of tools:
* Advertisement Package
<translate><!--T:11-->==== Starter Kit (Assigned) ====<!--T:11-->
Perhaps a nice kit would help. You know, like for organizing Linux installation parties[1] or Mozilla's event kits[2] etc., that encourages people, and provides step-by-step guidance and advice, to go and install Kiwix with a relevant offline Wikipedia file in their local no-Internet (or restricted/expensive Internet) school, college, community center, etc.
Would anyone be interested in working on that? WMF can contribute funding for some materials -- a Kiwix quick-start guide or cheatsheet, stickers, T-shirts.
<translate>== Video == <!--T:12-->== Video ==
It would be great to have a video (screencast) presenting the software with its most important feature.
Here is a proposition:
* Presentation slide of the video with slide and authors
<translate>== See also == <!--T:13-->== See also ==
* [[{{ll|Participate}}|Participate]]
* [[{{ll|Roadmap}}|Roadmap]]
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